Spank you, a term used to show appreciation towards someone. A more fun way to say "thank you."
"Pass the salt please." *salt is passed* "Spank you.", "Spanks for picking me up from the mall."
by RoberTheLion April 19, 2010
Top Definition
often used in place of "thank you," and resond to with "your rectum."
Here's your 'ritto.
Why, spank you!
Your rectum.
by Calo November 01, 2003
It means thank you, but the cool way to say it.
Spankyou very muchly. - Thankyou very much.
by cazrew February 22, 2010
A term commonly used by males to waitresses to be funny. Usually is accompanied by a slap on the ass.
Guy 1. Dude I just said spank you to that waitress and got kicked out of the restaurant.

Guy 2. Nice
by JONNAY-D!!! June 09, 2010
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