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noun -

1. that which speaks spanish and annoys

2. people who speak spanish ans piss you off

The term refers to persons speaking Spanish as a first language and who also have a persistent and consistent tendency to piss you off, albeit unintentionally, due to their immense stupidity.

The term does not necessarily refer to Spanish nationals or nationals of Spanish speaking nations -only those that piss you off.
Equinor- Hey good to see you, how was the trip?

Tim- Ah pretty good, except the last bus getting here was full of spangaloids.

Equinor- Dude, there's been a lot of them around here recently, they piss me off too.

Tim- Fuck man! All I wanted to do was buy some milk and chill but there were spangaloids everywhere and now I'm all pissed off and tense.

Buddah- Tim, dude, rest easy for they know not what they do. You can tell a spangaloid not to be annoying as you tell a dog not to bark, it's just the way they are...
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