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Uber bicyclist completely clad in spandex. Often the spandex suit is covered with logos of corporations and other brand names to make it look as if they were sponsored racers - the irony being they actually paid to be a rolling advertisement. They often tend to be aggressive riders in inappropriate settings, like public trails.
While riding on the trail yesterday, I was passed by a clod of spandex monkeys.
by Chazzer June 20, 2007
Term I like to use to mock rowers and rowing. A spandex monkey = a rower, because he or she is most likely a monkey-like creature who wears spandex to race.
Me: Hey, spandex monkeys, how did the stick-pulling competition go!
Spandex Monkey: Great... Now I have a shiny object to play with
by CrazyLock June 24, 2004