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the feeling of being very hammered and your mind being ridiculously frazzled
my god! I'm spandangled....
by Bax Marvelous October 14, 2007
When you're off your nut. Can be Alcohol or Drug Related.

Adidas lads like to get Spandangled on the weekends.
"How do you plea?"

"Look love, i didn't mean to fondle a swan, it just happened. I was absolutely spandangled, alright?"
by KurtsFingerPuppets June 20, 2016
to dangle a ball sack in front of ones face, purely for torture. One may be asked to suck on the ball sack until further notice.
Hey man did u hear about stacey getting spandangled the other night?
by Kaysty July 31, 2006
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