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An individual of hispanic ancestry with below-average intelligence. Originates from descriptive of residents of much-maligned Northen New Mexico town of Espanola or, in local parlance, Spana, whose residents frequently are the butt of derogatory jokes. A simple spaniard.
Anthony is a typical spanard - one time that simple vato was cruising and he got lost because the lights on the Sonic sign were out and he didn't know when to turn around.
by Hilltopper March 27, 2007
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adjective. Label or description of a man or a woman of spanish decent and or of spanish origin (i.e. Cubans, Mexicans, Filipinos) acting like a bastard.

Can also be used as an insult.
'You met jose the other day?'
'just another spanard..'
'I hear that.'
by Just in. March 04, 2009
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