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The kind of commercials that air on cable channels that are identified by their less than stellar quality. These usually advertise tourist destinations, lawyers, work-from-home programs, ringtones, and male enhancement drugs.
Ronnie: Yo, whatchu' watchin'?
Brandon: Well, South Park, until this spammercial with a talking fox came on.
by Brett Hatfield March 05, 2008
newfound television commercials claiming to award ringtones, wallpapers, screensavers, or cash prizes to whoever texts the magic word to "1234"; the equivalent of TV spam, pop-ups, etc.
TV: TEXT "VAGINA" to "1369" NOW to get a stylish new "ROBOT, SHARK, GORILLA THREESOME" cell phone wallpaper NOW!

VIEWER: 'Tis a spammercial if I ever saw one.
by jaa9270 June 22, 2007