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newfound television commercials claiming to award ringtones, wallpapers, screensavers, or cash prizes to whoever texts the magic word to "1234"; the equivalent of TV spam, pop-ups, etc.
TV: TEXT "VAGINA" to "1369" NOW to get a stylish new "ROBOT, SHARK, GORILLA THREESOME" cell phone wallpaper NOW!

VIEWER: 'Tis a spammercial if I ever saw one.
#spam #spammer #spamercial #spamurshul #clitoris
by jaa9270 June 22, 2007
The kind of commercials that air on cable channels that are identified by their less than stellar quality. These usually advertise tourist destinations, lawyers, work-from-home programs, ringtones, and male enhancement drugs.
Ronnie: Yo, whatchu' watchin'?
Brandon: Well, South Park, until this spammercial with a talking fox came on.
#spam #commericals #cable tv #annoyances #male enhancement #insurance #ringtones #lawyers
by Brett Hatfield March 05, 2008
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