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one of the best shows that has been made
i was watching boy meets world when corey couldnt get back with topanga, i started to cry
by fizzy January 26, 2004
A fan of the New Orleans Saints. Originated from the fan generated chant in the late 80's, somewhat decent run of success, for the New Orleans Saints. See example saying.
Who Dat? Who Dat? Who Dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?!
by Fizzy December 09, 2003
Meaning: Mission ready. Ready to proceed.
Applications: Often used in military by front line units. USMC.
MstSgt: "Squad leader! Are you good to go?"
SquadLeader: "My squad is in formation. We are good to go, Top!"
by Fizzy December 09, 2003
people who think spamming for money is a job.
all those spammers know is how to load aims, type some msg's and press start/stop
by fizzy August 29, 2003
one sexy girl who we all know and love
dam i met a secksai leslie on aim and i never got off
by fizzy January 24, 2004
great site with good information
yesterday i was at haxed.org and found that jay-z had a new album
by fizzy January 26, 2004
adeana's cute
adeana's funny
adeana's weird
adeana's "special"
adeana's smart...
adeana's pregnant
adeana's 10 years old
adeana's not so smart anymore
adeana's quote "violence must be fought with ...violence!"
by fizzy September 04, 2003

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