A spammer is one that do less money than your dog! try to get all for free on the web!
by GameFace March 07, 2003
people who think spamming for money is a job.
all those spammers know is how to load aims, type some msg's and press start/stop
by fizzy August 29, 2003
the lowest, most despicable form of life on planet earth. credited with uniting Christians, Muslims and Jews, Israelis and Palestinians, Democrats and Republicans, the rich and the poor in a common, pure hatred of all spammers everywhere.
check your inbox for examples.
by themarcuscreature February 22, 2005
When a person playing WoW or SSB uses one attack over and over to avoid being killed or to kill someone again and again even after they come back.
Kirby: fly fly fly
Kirby: punch punch punch punch punch!!

by sugar sugar sugar PUNCH April 10, 2009
A really annoying individual that joins forums and other online communities to spam. "Spam" is anything random and offtopic. Spammers repeadetly spam and usually annoy the non-spammers.
Spammers usually get *punched* by non-spammers in the community.
John0123- Well, I got a Nintendo Wii yesterday, it's pretty cool.
Gary73- Do you prefer the Nintendo Wii or the PS3?
John0123- Hey, numbers guy don't be a spammer or you will be punched. John, I like the Nintendo Wii better I guess.
74Y1012- No.
Gary73 *punches 74Y1012*. And why do you like the Wii better?
by koopa7 February 08, 2007
Video Game Term. Stupid bitches who suck at videogames who keep using the same move over and over again, rendering the person their fighting to guard constantly until their health reaches zero. If your pro at a game, try side stepping or countering when your bitch as friend is spamming.
Spammer Asswhole: Yea take that and that.
Guy with Skillz: Stop spamming motha fucka
Spammer Asswhole: Nope just bend over and take it.
Guy with Skillz: *SIde Steps* Gotcha now bitch. Your about to get fucked!
Spammer Asswhole: NOOOOOO BIATCH!
Game Announcer: Player 2 Wins... Player 1 SUcks ass spammer bitch!
by Dicktionary.Mcl March 31, 2009
To pull off a cheap-move that you know will guarantee victory because you would find it otherwise impossible to beat your opponent in a video game.
"Matt is such a spammer!"
"He only beat me because he was a spammer."
by TheSpammed February 28, 2012
Yeah, you don't mean to anger us, yet you enclose viruses in every one of your e-mails that will permanently screw up the computer of anyone stupid enough to open them. Then you hack your way in with ease after the computer's security systems have been assulted with garbage data, steal anything on their hard drive that sounds like it's related to money, and then get back to ass-fucking your pet goat in your parents' basement. If I ever see you on the street, I'll kill you, bitch.
Watch your ass, spammer. I just got parolled and I feel like chasing someone that really pisses me off down the street with a fireaxe right about now.
by C-can February 11, 2004
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