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An Intelligent program created by spammers with the purpose of sneaking into a Forum, Chat,or Yahoo Group posing as a real person. As soon as they are in they begin to advertise their clinets products.

They are a real pain to forums that don't have many moderators. Especially when the threads the spambots create start to pile up.
"That damn spambot is ruining my forum" Bill cried with anger.
by ????^_^???? November 03, 2006
1) Program that sends e-mail letters to every user on its list.

2) me
1) horrible arses

2) beep
by Uber Hawt August 02, 2004
A spam robot. An insult really( the person being totally useless)..Until the year 2012 when it will be the year of Spam and the spambots will rule.
You tipped over the racked up line of coke man! YOUR SUCH A SPAMBOT!
by Mynameisbetterthanyou. April 16, 2008
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