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spagitated (spa ji tay ted) ADJECTIVE. To be anxious and clumsy. From “spastic” and “agitated.”
Him- Fuck, Fuck, FUUUCCK! I ccccan't even strike a fffucking mmmatch!
Her- Let me tttry.
Him- Fffine, you tttry it!
Her- My ffffingers aren't working, they're tttoo cccold. Goddammit! I dropped the mmmatches.
Him- Ddddon't get all spagitated.
Her- I'm not spagitated, it's just freezing and you kkkkeep shouting.
Him- Sorry. Hey...
Her- Cut it out, I'm trying to start a fire.
Him- So am I.
Her- Oh! MMmmmmm.
Him- Waitaminute... Gggoddamn fucking zipper... WORK, DAMN YOU!
Her- Now who's spagitated?

(Loud ripping sound)

Her- Well, that's ONE way to get your jacket off.
Him- Shut up and kkkiss me.
by Maxhole June 23, 2009