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To kiss and/or make out to the extent in which the two participants make the sound equivalent to wet spaghetti noodles being mixed around.
"After prom, the two love birds went to the car and made Spaghetti."
by goober1988 March 21, 2010
36 55
Spaghetti, or Spaghettiing, is the act of twirling one's hair around one's hand or finger's, similar to the way one might twirl spaghetti on a fork.

This may be done with one's own hair, or someone else's hair. Easily done when cuddling and can be paired with a safety belt.
K: My boyfriend never plays with my hair
C: That sucks. I love when mine spaghettis my hair... it feels so good!
K: I know... very relaxing.
by Kakillia February 25, 2011
11 33
v: to twirl a girls hair around one's hand and wrist when postitioned behind her in preperation for or during the act of intercourse

n: leverage given from having her hair wrapped around your hand and wrist
Man i was with this girl and I got me some spaghetti to get better leverage.

Man I totally spaghettied her!
by Man Cop November 12, 2010
12 35
A random person, or a person in a group who takes drug/substance abuse to a completely different level and will most likely end up lying on the street shouting profanities about his mothers vagina or open up a hostel with a cinema in the Himalayas and call himself Joy.
- Dude, I woke up in a different city in a stranger's garage with a new jacket and a cut over my eye.

"You are such a spaghetti" said Dev.
by m.k.sam June 19, 2012
1 25
The italian equivilant of a wigger
Look at that guy, he's such a fucking a Spaghetti. YO, DUDE TURN DOWN THE FUCKING RAP AND TAKE OFF THE BANDANA!!!
by Dyllholio May 13, 2006
30 107
Turning your sexual fanrtasies into a popular Italien side dish.
Hey Martha, pass me the spaghetti.
by NAFC December 14, 2004
119 208