People who are myspace users.
Bob: Yooo whats up can I get on myspace on your phone Chad?
Chad: Yeah but there are no spacers on on this time of day.
by The Unknown<3 March 27, 2009
A person who is prone to casual daydreaming, devil-may-care carelessness and forgetfulness. For most purposes, the word is synonymous with stoner
'Gary forgot to bring those gauzes into uni AGAIN today.'
'Jesus, what a spacer!'
by Dough-Planet January 30, 2008
a picture, that is taken most likely for the purpose of a new myspace picture.
aye, i need to update my space.

iight, lets take a spacer.
by sir joseph price January 21, 2007
A person who is always on myspace.
John is a spacer for life, he's always on myspace some how. He even has a myspace app on his phone.
by YoungL March 16, 2010
See grundle
I bruised my spacer trying to 50-50 a gnarly kinked handrail.
by Blingo the Clown March 25, 2003
things that go in your ear to stretch the whole
pussy's have 00gauge spacers
after that it goes to half inch, 5/8's, 3/4's and inch and after that your a champ
NOOB#1- "yoo omgg your ears/spacers aree like soo bigg my pencil could like fit in them"

NOOB#2- "yehh i knoww im soo pround"

Being Real- "hhahah your a fucking pussy thats NOTHING, stop frontin"
by lzjz May 16, 2007

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