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A person who isn't all there, or talks about wierd things...wierdo
You done preachin now spacehead?
by knighto October 23, 2007
17 1
The act of performing fellatio in the vast vacuum of space,includes sex acts performed by aliens
Sam gives some mean as spacehead.
by mrwilson December 12, 2011
9 4
Getting head in space. The one thing greater than road head.
some guy: yo dude those alien skanks totally gave me some space head

some other guy: shit dog, that's pretty xtreme
by Will Maxwell May 12, 2008
10 5
A person whome has reached a high degree of addiction to "myspace" which can be easily juxtaposed with that of a serious narcotic.
That Kevin is a spacehead.
by Kevin West August 01, 2006
7 9