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The transportation of butt juice from one fool's anal cavity to another's through a tube, usually see through, but that is not entirely necessary. Sometimes it is perforated, but that can get messy.
Last night I had a galactic spaceboarding adventure.
O Yeah.

Bart: You wanna go to the movies?
Raul: Naw, lets go spaceboarding.
Bart: I'm down.
Raul: Quiet, troll.
by Chupa Kabbra March 27, 2007
Boarding in space using a jet-powered skateboard.
"Dude let's go spaceboarding!"


"Hey, that'd be a sweet name for a dodgeball team!!!"

"Dude, we don't play dodgeball."

"Fo shizzle."

"Shut up."



"Ya ignant slut!"

"What's wrong with you?"

"Wa wrong witchu??"

"I had too much of The Alaskan Pipeline."

"I see."
by The Poet April 18, 2007
Skateboarding/longboarding photos with the background image replaced with a picture of the cosmos.
The new photo you took of us longboarding is a perfect pic for space boarding.
by Golden029 March 27, 2015
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