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(n.) 1. alternative for Arizona Green Tea 2. Pot leaves brewed into a tea to make one high upon drinking
Let's get wasted on space juice. And it's a great buy, only $0.99!

by jvniejneijfndin March 20, 2007
A powerful sexual elixer found in England. It can be of any color in a bottle shaped like a rocket.
1.When the cap comes off of the Space Juice, so do the womens clothes.
2.WARNING: Space Juice may cause extreme horniness.
3.How did Big Ben get so big? Because he was drinking Space Juice.
by mattman84759738294 June 06, 2006
Particuarly strong absinthe.
Figaro heaved a heavy night of drinking space juice into his toilet with a violent groan.
by Terrence Baron February 25, 2003

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