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A cascade of apologetic messages, sent with good intention, that end up looking quite spammy.
When a person adds a comment to another person's blog post and makes a mistake. As their only channel of communication is by writing comments, they then try and write another message to correct that mistake.

But, then, make a further mistake in the second comment. So, they write another one to apologise and so on.

The plethora of comments end up looking a bit spammy.

Also applies to social network 'walls'.

-Blog Comments-

--by: Jim--
time : 3 minutes ago:

Thanks for the article i am not a fan of your work.

--by: Jim--
time : 2 minutes ago:

Oops... meant to say i AM a fan of your work.

I'm not Sorry for the previous comment

--by: Jim--
time : 1 minutes ago:

oh dear .. meant to say I AM sally for the previous comment

--by: Jim--
time : 2 seconds ago

fair enough. delete me now. what a total load of spAmPOLOGIES

by spAmPOLOGIST November 09, 2009
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