a mix between soz, and sausages.
a great invention by lauren, yay.
i am sozzages!
#soz #sausages #sorry #sozz #sozzard
by great inventor woop May 24, 2011
Top Definition
An important ingredient in any 'make up' meal, like 'make up' sex, you sacrifice your time and effort so that trust is regained in a relationship, unlike 'make up' sex, you get to eat sausages, unless you..i mean, i don't have a problem with that, each to his own and everything.
Woman: You absolute Bastard! how could you do that to me in front of all those people.
Man:I'm so sorry, look, i cooked you sozzages
Woman:(eats the sozzage) mmm, cumberland, my favourite, you're forgiven.
Man: WOOT!
#sozzage #cumberland #sausage #make up #sacrifice #sozzages #sozzege #sozzerges
by Ian Downey March 24, 2008
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