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An important ingredient in any 'make up' meal, like 'make up' sex, you sacrifice your time and effort so that trust is regained in a relationship, unlike 'make up' sex, you get to eat sausages, unless you..i mean, i don't have a problem with that, each to his own and everything.
Woman: You absolute Bastard! how could you do that to me in front of all those people.
Man:I'm so sorry, look, i cooked you sozzages
Woman:(eats the sozzage) mmm, cumberland, my favourite, you're forgiven.
Man: WOOT!
by Ian Downey March 24, 2008
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a mix between soz, and sausages.
a great invention by lauren, yay.
i am sozzages!
by great inventor woop May 24, 2011
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