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An individual who believes they are a real hard case, but are actually soft as shite. The term is either used as a sarcastic response to the individual or as a description of them.
"I'm David fucking Donovan"
"Soz 'ard!"

"Yeah, that Donovan prick's a bit of a soz 'ard"
by Captain Undies November 13, 2004

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means when you say sorry in a cocky way as in to say sorry i forgot you were hard
sozard forgot you were hard
by ilikeyourhairalot August 04, 2008
'soz' slang for sorry and 'ard' yorkshire for hard meaning someone who is well hard
person 1:what you upto?
person 2:(angrily)waiting for a bus what do you think?
person 1:(sarcasticly) oooo SOZ ARD!
by Kelsey Hunter October 23, 2007
When someone thinks their hard and can beat sumone up but they cant really and you say sozard!
James:I'm gonna smack hi head in!!
by Songi August 03, 2004
said to a complete twat who thinks they are 'hardcore'
person: there is no such thing as squirrel crisps.
hardcore person: errr, yeah there is!
person: ooo, soz'ard.
by be a dale February 10, 2009