If america invaded russia during the cold war, they would give the russians democracy.

If russia invaded america during the cold war, they would give the americans standardized health care, and affordable housing.
UN Diplomat: Soviet Union, we thought you guys broke up years ago...

Russian Diplomat: That is what we wanted you to think!
by Field Marshal June 28, 2005
A country that still exists. The Soviets tricked us into thinking that they broke up in the 90s, but they really didn't.
The reason why the Siovet Union did not break up in the 90s was because they had no reason to. Bigger country=more power.
by Anonymous July 08, 2003
The Soviet Union was the vile nation that was ruled by a monster named Josef Stalin. They slaughtered more people than the Nazis did, and preformed unethical and cruel tests on innocent people. The Soviets spread the idealism of communism, which simply destroyed peoples' lives instead of helping them. I am glad that the Soviet Union is no more.
The Soviet Union gives mankind a bad name.
by TsarNikolayTheThirdofRussia November 11, 2015
Greatest world power that ever existed. And all of you who say otherwise should go and read up a bit more before you open your mouth. Russia reppeled Germans twice (WW1 & WW2)plus it also defended the armenians against the genocide attempted by the turks and I am not even going to get into another countless disputes it settled.
It fell because of one pussy named Gorbichov who gave in to the capitalists. If the soviet union would still be here today it would be by far the strongest country/union in the world.
Just because you think Soviet Union was "evil" doesn't make it even close to the truth. Today some countries hate america and think it is an "anti-god" country, but that isn't true either... I admit it had some flaws but who doesn't? Just look at America's current president. National treasure? Think not...
But what it really comes down to is this: Some people just could never understand anothers point of views and vise versa and just bluntly argue their own biased opinions.
Soviet Union = Communist Power
by Punkundrcovr69 November 02, 2005
Despite what most idiotic 12 year old americans think(eg truth and justice)the soviet union was not an evil empire.Formed in 1922 by Vladmir Lenin after the russian revoloution in 1917 and civil war the Communistsoviet union or USSR(CCCP in russian) would have been a great place but lenin died early and was replaced by Joseph Stalin who was a communist version of George Bushor Adolf Hitler.Stalin and hitler formed a secret alliance but in 1941 Nazi Germany foolishly invaded the soviet union.The Soviet Red Army was nearly destroyed under the relentless nazi advance.But when the nazis reached Moscow in the winter of 1941 the soviets managed to regroup and counterattack and drive the nazis back.The nazis then focused on the oil fields in southern russia but lost an entire army group(nearly 2 million men)in the factory city of stalingrad in the winter of 1942.The nazis final offensive at kursk in 1943 was stopped at a heavy cost for the soviets they had the nazis on the run and by 1945 they reached the nazi capital of berlin and after a bloody battle the red flag was flying over the german Reichstag(parliament building).During the soviet advance red army soldiers had seen the aftermath of many nazi atrosities and in turn had inflicted many atrocities on german civilians but it was no where near as bad as what the nazis did. And although stalin was a totalitarian who violentley supressed religion he built up the countries industry and economy which was the only good thing he did but most Soviet leaders after him were much better. Although many people say the soviet union was an aggressive dictatorship but they have overlooked many american faults such as the legality of the Ku Klux Klan,supression of minorities,the red scare,invasions of Cambodia,Nicaraugua,Panama,El Salvador,Honduaras,Grenada,The Dominican republic,Iraq (all in the name of democracy)and numerous interventions eg Korea and vietnam which made those countries worse off,support for zionist israel and suplying weapons to osama bin laden and sadamm huesein. But enough of political bullshit. The soviet union during the cold war had the largest military and the second largest economy in the world.The first man in space was soviet.Although soviet citizens had less rights then the average american citizen healthcare was free and housing was more affordable.when political reformist Mikhail Gorbachev came to power he started to reform the economy(perestroika) and political system(demokratizatsiya) but hard line communists did not like these reforms resulting in the august coup.Although the coup was crushed the soviet union finally and peacefully split up(unlike Yugoslavia).
the Soviet Union and USA were equal evils both equally responsible for death,destruction and opression. Teacher:what have we learned today class? Students:Superpowers are gay
by dinner dog July 31, 2009
Soviet Union a country that was created to be communist but failed to become it but instead turned to be Socialist, I know it's surprising but i guess you should understand first what U.S.S.R stans for = Unoin of the Soviet SOCIALIST Republic.
Yes Stalin was the leader of the country but he was hated by all the people. Lenin was the man who created the Soviet Unoin and he insisted that Stalin wouldn't be the leader after him.

The only reason that everyone dosen't speak German to this day, if it wasn't for their defence in Stalinberg you today would be living i na facist world screaming Hailz Hitler!!

A country who's army (soldiers) were considered to be the toughest and bravest soldiers in the world. Training and fighting was something that no American soldier did or could do.

A country were the people are cultured nicley dressed and good looking, unlike the rednecks (ex. G.W.Bush) that America has.

Please before commenting on a country that you have no idea about, considering the massive propaganda that has been pumped into by a society where a movie star makes more money than a doctor, think twice and do not write anything.

Now it's Russia and it's still powerful armed with many nukes and missles (were do you think the terrorists in the middle east get their supplies, us of course -.-).
The Soviet Union was the second Romian Empire but grander, soemthing that America wants to achieve but can't.
by Sindrow July 25, 2006
Country who had enough power and courage to go against a power hungry country. Peaceful and always ha proganda against it.

The country that defeated hitler in World War 2.

Greatest Nation that was created
The societ unoin is the only country that stood up to America unlike the Canadains who worship the ground that America blows up
by Sindrow May 25, 2005
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