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SCS 052 (South Central Side 052) is a hip-hop organization in Legaspi City,Albay, Philippines. Bicol Region. South( because Bicol Region is located south of Luzon) Central( Because it represent the center or the capital city of Albay, the Legaspi City) Side ( Represents the side of the continent or the South East Asia were the Philippines is located) 052 ( the area code of Legaspi City). They represent Hip-Hop culture on a positve way. As they say "WE DONT LIKE TO FIGHT, WE LIKE TO UNITE".
Enjoy the life, respect the past and get ready for the future. The 052 style.
southcentralside 052 represents Legaspi City, Bicol Region.
by Bicolano Pride August 06, 2008
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