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1. A word to generally or anatomically describe a vagina. Also used with direct regard to cunnilingus

2. 'Sour' is for the taste. Sometimes it's a good sour other times its a bad sour (explained below) The 'baguette' part is for the all slits and ridges which appear on actual baguettes

3. Try to say it around food. It is a very convenient and sometimes comical way to discuss anatomy especially if the topic is discussed around food, or you are around any type of sourdough. It may also be sparsely used around polite company provided they are not in-the-know

4. Not always a bad thing. It can, but DOES NOT neccesarily, mean a bad or stinky vag. See 'sour vaguette' or 'sour vagette'. When generally used it just describes that body part and the taste/smell is neutral, unless described further

5. Good sour...bad sour. Just like a real baguette there's good sourdough and bad sourdough. So times it hot, moist, fresh, soft, and it smells really nice. Obviously you are really in the mood for it. Other times it's old, hard, crusty, and smells dusty. That's when you decide that you've had enough for one day. Keep in mind that this is usually the same damn baguette we're talking about here: it's often subject to change without notice

6. Bottom line. Remember our appetite for a baguette is based on two things: what particular smell the bakery is producing that day and how much of it we've had already!!

also called 'sourdough baguette' which can be abbreviated as 'SDB'
Various usages:

'I enjoy eating delicious sour baguettes'
'That was the best fucking sour baguette I've ever tasted'
'Dude I got to try some awesome SDB from that chick I met last night'

'It was the crustiest & nastiest sour baguette evar!'
'I had way too much sour baguette and now my mouth tastes horrible'
'I fucking told her to close her legs cause I could smell her sour baguette'

Generally describing sex/cunnilingus
'I ate her sour baguette all night'
'Sally, I'm not a fan of the whole sour baguette thing'
'Always wash your hands after handling that sour baguette bro'
'He slipped two fingers into her moist sour baguette'

General anatomical
'Yesterday, I saw part of Rachel's sour baguette through her bikini'

To describe women directly (usually degrogatory)
'Dude look at that steaming hot sour baguette that just walked in'
'Look at that disgusting group of sour baguettes standing over by the bar'
'Mary, stop being such a fucking sour baguette!!'

The original conversation
-Me 'Dude are you going back to the hotel room with that Witney chick tonight?'

-Jordan 'Hellz fucking yeah'

-Me 'Allright then. I'll see you at breakfast'

(the next morning after breakfast)

-Me 'Man I'm sooo full...hey do you want some of this sourdough toast?'

-Jordan 'Naw man I had my share of sour baguette last night'
by hXcRecklesSAbandoN January 07, 2010
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