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is certainly a town in Oxfordshire, Uk
once a beautiful market town, now a chav ridden hovel that has out grown itself
hey, lets get out of shitney today, i mean, witney
by the other man from the moon July 16, 2009
A large town and one of the most ghettoest in Oxfordshire, now overridden with chavs and violent teenagers. Witney has its many council estates each with its own gang e.g. Burwell and Smiths. Common sights include under-age drinking and abusive insults to the general public. Residents of Witney, are called witneyites and refer to their town as "Shitney"
Pete: "See that guy over there?"
Mike: "Yeah"
Pete: "He's from that shit-hole Witney"
Mike: "Eeewwwww"
by Pete Johny February 20, 2011
Witney is a town is Oxfordshire, UK
I lIve in Witney. Its legend
by Joe Pane January 27, 2007
To gain great pleasure from farting on your partner in bed when you think he is asleep then denying it outright when asked in the morning
"Jeez I stayed at my girls last night and she kept breaking wind all night, that girls a right Witney"
by Acdc1 October 18, 2013
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