Term originated in jamaican reggae/dancehall scene.

During a soundclash, the opposing soundsystems will often refer to their competitor as a soundboys. Which basically means a sound which is young in scene, has no experience, lacks skills, or just plays bad music. The term is most often used just to show disrespect to the opposing sound.
Soundboy run away, when the champion a play.

So you can bring your likkle amps and your likkle speakerbox, we a guh kill you, soundboy!
by fyah June 17, 2010
It is the Jamaican term for a Reggae Dancehall DJ.
Dat Sound Boy is Killin dem riddims.
by Mattdaddy May 11, 2006
An Emcee..also spelt as SoundBwoy - Usually used in Grime music
'I'll murk a soundboy wid one line'
by Kontroverzy March 21, 2007

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