A small tuft of male facial hair located in the center below the lower lip; universally identifying the wearer as a complete douchebag and sexually impotent unless the wearer is a virtuoso heterosexual jazz musician.
Check out Ryan's new soul patch. He must have totally given up on ever getting laid by a woman again!

"Why don't you grow a soul patch?"
"Duh? Do I look like a douche?"
#douche douche-bag #douchebag #douche nozzle #freak #gay #bette #muff tuft
by Billy Beck O'Hannity April 24, 2010
Top Definition
The patch of hair grown right under the lip. Any self-respecting stylish male has one.
His soul patch was so long, he saved a meal for later in it.
by Shawn March 16, 2003
tuft of hair grown under center of bottom lip
Went we were down on each other, my soul patch sent her right over.
by Steve March 18, 2005
a corrective device used by a man who suspects his soul has developed a slow leak
The soul patch often takes the form of a small patch of facial hair below the lower lip. This position assumes that the soul resides in the mouth or chin, and that air released through the mouth that might eventually result in a flat soul--typically the result of a punctured ego. Growth of a soul patch reflects a desire to minimize an imminent loss of traction in the spiritual matters.
#facial hair #lower lip #soul #escaping gas #traction
by MM_of_Syracuse September 10, 2010
A patch of hair located under the bottom lip that, when in combination with
A)shirt and tie,
B)long unkempt hair,
C)tinted glasses,
D)a turtleneck,

is an indication that its wearer is

A) a young graduate to the creative arts industry, who has gotten disillusioned with how institutionalised his profession has gotten, and wishes to mount one last stand against being assimilated as an office drone. But is oblivious to the fact that he actually appears to be gay.

B) a sloppy shaver who uses phrases like 'carefully chosen image' and 'personal statement' as excuses to neglect his personal hygiene. But is oblivious to the fact that his efforts are in vain because he really just looks gay.

C) a man who is undergoing mid-life crises and is trying desperately to relive the days of his youth, in need of something that will make him feel young again. However, also oblivious to the fact that it really just makes him look gay.

D) gay.

Jean stroked his soul patch in appreciation, as his eyes travelled the length of the shapely body belonging to the elegant lady standing in his shop. Finally, he announced, "I sink you will find zat that zis red dress here, I love it -so- much!!, yes, zis dress is ze one for you, darlink. Look at ze needlework! C'est divine!"
#goatee #moustache #soulpatch #facial hair #fashion #homosexuality
by The Irritated Giraffe January 05, 2007
The obsolete term for a man's patch or tuft of hair which grows directly under his bottom lip, and can be any length at all. It has nothing to do with sexual orientation or any other model of social engineering.

The modern updated term for Soul Patch is now Douche Tag or Dork Tuft. However, those born in early 60's will argue that Flava Sava is the only term to use, for this misplaced stache

The Man's Upper lip, Sideburns, and Chin are to be clean shaven in order to really let the patch show and stand out.

WARNING: this action can not be undone, but thankfully- hair grows back! ;)
Actor and Flava Sava dynamo, Adrien Brody reveals with pride his latest commercial which reveals the uses of a mufti-purposed Soul Patch and body hair trimmer
#stache #moustache #soulpatch #facial hair #fashion #adrien brody
by GreyWolfMan January 19, 2013
the piece of facial hair on david villa's face. it's irresistable because villa is one sexy soccer player.
Ladies can't resist the soulpatch!
#hair #face #david villa #soul patch #soulypatch
by gerard piqué. August 07, 2010
Basically, a facial hair feature that resembles a Hitler mustache that migrated south, but otherwise having little to no relation to the genocidal fascist dictator, and not at all necessarily bad or evil. Opinions upon the soul patch can vary widely from person to person. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't necessarily have to mean or indicate anything.
Woman 1: "Why are you dating that creep? He's got that weird tuft of hair below his lower lip..."*shudders*
Woman 2: "I actually think the whole soul patch thing is kinda sexy."

I wouldn't be caught dead, dying, or undead wearing that stupid square "soul patch" crap above my chin.
#mustache #facial hair #beard #moustache #goatee #hair #facial
by 1pro3u September 20, 2013
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