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To commit political suicide by immersing one's self into a fecal hole full of stupidity and arrogance.

The word comes from the actions of Sen. Tito Sotto of the Philippines. He has been caught plagiarizing at least four bloggers and denying it strongly.

Despite this, he has again been caught trying to pass off a part of a speech delivered in the 1960s by Robert F. Kennedy as his own.

He simply translated the parts he lifted into Tagalog (native Philippine language), word for excruciating word, including the paragraph cuts.

He glibly asked a reporter if RFK ever spoke in Tagalog, as his defense that he could not possibly have stolen RFK's thoughts or words.
"Do you think Sen. Sotto will get re-elected in 2016?"
"Fat chance, he sottomized himself."
by angry bird, red September 06, 2012