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To talk back to someone; To Mock Someone; to be sarcastic
"Don't talk back to me with that sossy mouth"
by John Ludecraft November 12, 2006
A shortened term for the word SAUSAGES. Coined by Samantha Whitham
"What shall I have for dinner tonight?"
by billybillyohbilly January 20, 2008
Pronounced "saucy". It is the action of being SOS, or Satan on Steroids, meaning that a person's behavior is demon-like or way out of control.
Girl: She bit the teachers neck, just because he gave her a C!
Boy: Whoa, she's real SOSsy.

Guy: That kid in The Exorcist is like, mega SOSsy.
by GameboyKnight August 06, 2008
Child-like manner of apologizing. Best used when attempting to affect the manner of an innocent or repentant child in a blatant attempt to manipulate the feelings of those who may be mildly upset for a minor offense. Apologies issued in this infant vernacular are best kept simple.
I'm sossy.

This can mean:
1) I'm sorry for forgetting to call you as I promised to do.
2) I'm sorry that you are upset because I called too late after forgetting to call earlier.
3) I'm sorry that you are angry due to PMS of which I am not the cause but due to which I am often in trouble.
by asimplename December 31, 2004
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