It seems like SOS has a lot of meanings, but my favorite is Stuck On Stupid.
All these damn people are SOS!!
by Amber Miller February 11, 2007
Splooge on Sight. When a girl or woman is soo seducitivly beautiful that you splooge when looking at her. Basically it describes an exteremly attractive woman.
"Damn that chick was sos."
by Emo Kids are cool December 06, 2006
getting stoned, stands for "smokle of stones"
lets go get SOS'ed !!!!!!!
by Eliza and Laura November 14, 2006
new song by Rihanna in which she refers to it as someone in need of help does.
SOS please someone help me, its not healthy...
by foxyladii91 April 18, 2006
stands for

Sex On Sight
i'd sos with her anyday right now.
by AxeEffect July 11, 2005
Same old stuff
Person 1: Whats up?
Person 2: nm, sos
by Abdul February 01, 2004
Sons Of Stalin. On of the oldest Quake(idsof..) clans around!
<mofo> got pwnd by sos last night :(
<mastah> wats ze big news?
by Petrus P November 05, 2006

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