weak, unimpressive
did you see those guys lifting? they looked sorry
by baboy June 05, 2009
a feeling or expression of remorse
im sorry im such a hypocrite

im sorry that i posted an evil deffinition

im sorry that you think im stuipid for listening to my ipod

im sorry youre so amazing

im sorry that we arent the same person anymore

im sorry that you keep hurting yourself unintentionally

im sorry that you are so cold in the mornings you have to wear a ski suit
by Emu December 14, 2004
SORRY! is a fast paced 3v3 drinking game. 5 ping pong balls and 12 cups (filled with water). To play, each team stands on opposite sides of a beer pong table and sets up 6 cups in a horizontal line (parallel to the end of the table of which the players are standing). Each cup is numbered in order from 1 to 6. The goal of the game is to make all of the opponents cups in order. So the 1 cup must be hit before the 2 cup. The 2 cup must be hit before the 3 cup and so on and so forth until all 6 cups have been hit. However, if someone miss throws and hits out of order it is considered a SORRY! and ALL the cups are replaced. For instance, a team is shooting for the 5 cup (only 2 cups left) and accidentally hits the 6 cup. The other team will then yell "SORRY!" and replace the 4,3,2, and 1 cup.

Before the game, a punishment must me decided for the losing team. Can range anywhere from shot-gunning a beer to taking s shot of liquor.
Me and my friends were playing an intense game of SORRY!. My team was shooting for the 5 cup but I was out of it and accidentally hit the 6 cup. It was the worst SORRY! of my life.

We eventually lost and they made me shotgun a beer and then dance with my shirt off to the song "Graduation" by Vitamin C.
by 7Raulpie July 12, 2010
The first word commonly used by girls when they reject you.
"Sorry but i kinda like someone else."

"Sorry your just not my type."

"Sorry but I don't think it would work between us."
by nottodayy December 12, 2008
how someone feels right now. a feeling of regret and sadness towards another person for actions done towards that other person. especially ones Best Friend.
Robbie is terribly sorry for any actions he had done yesterday towards Jackie. he accepts full responibility towards his actions, since he had the choice whether or not to listen to what people were telling him. long story short, robbie is very sorry.
by r to the obbie January 14, 2007
When you do something wrong and you feel guilty and apologise to someone.
Emma: You really hurt me yesterday.
Delaney: I know. I am deeply, truly sorry!
by dcole8 December 09, 2009
1. to suck at a given activity or sport
2. someone who is irresponsible or lazy

Rashad: (misses wide open shot)
Greg: "I told you dat nigga is sorry as hell!"
Kiki: "Rashad didn't pay child support for the third month in a row!"
Laquesha: "You know Rashad don't got no job... that's a sorry ass man!"
by ZillaFarilla May 18, 2007
someone that feels like a jerk and needs to apologize to a special person
Kennedy was so sorry to Bekah and Sara for being a little jerk..
by K3VT April 13, 2005
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