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- Arguably the most enigmatic member of the nine-member girlband Girl's Generation.


- violent; dorky; statuesque; insane; smart ass; cry-baby; dangerous; beautiful; genius; loudmouthed; epic


- to tower above everyone despite being one of the youngest in the group; to have a bottomless pit for a stomach, an insatiable appetite rivaling that of a changmin and yet get the title of being the skinniest girl among the bunch; to come off devilishly handsome with a boycut and garner an even larger base of fanboys; to have the ability to hit anyone up to a twenty meter radius; to verbally overpower anyone even when caught off guard; to cry as often as possible and not be called a sissy; to be exempted from the wrath of fangirls despite being friends with boys from different idol groups; to be an epitome of humility; to feel wholeheartedly happy and blessed despite being underrated.

also referred as - ShikShin; Big Bully
Taeyeon: She does not call us unni because she's sooyoung!

Hyoyeon: The food cupboard is empty! We've been sooyoung'd!

No girl gets away scandal-free when she takes a picture with the DBSK boys, unless she's sooyoung!
by OnlySoo :) February 10, 2010
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hot, cute, pretty, sexy
OMG! Sooyoung is so hot and sexy looking today!
by pUrEcOcOa September 22, 2009
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