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Another rude term for a negro
Blimey, look at that sooty over there, he must be at least six foot six
by David from Kingsbury November 04, 2003
(noun, or adjective)
Someone who is sexually active based on the famous guinea pig "Sooty"

See genuine article:
He was quite sooty last night.
'Hey, Sooty' (used as a nickname)
by BusterBuster June 23, 2005
A great kids TV show in the 80s and early 90s.
"Sooty is my favourite program."
by Diego August 29, 2003
1. Of very poor quality; highly inferior.
2. Contemptible; despicable.
3. Unfortunate; unpleasant.
4. Being in a state of discomfort or unhappiness; miserable.
5. Incompetent; inept.
6. Trivial; insignificant.
7. Drunk
"I wanted to drive all the way to the city, but my car is way too sooty."


"I drank so much last night and got so sooty I peed on my dog."
by Capt Sassypants November 13, 2009
verb: To achieve victory over one or more women
Wow, he totally sootied that girl last night.

I didn't expect him to sooty her like that..
by Sootie13131313 June 02, 2011
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