Frase used by a wannabe danish celebrity, Sidney Lee, to describe the MANLY and somewhat godlike beverage called, "The Cult-Shaker". The "Son of a bitch" is best enjoyed between the legs of an adolescent, borderline horney red-headed Female.
Hey horney red-headed girl, whom I do not know. Would you like this "Son of a bitch" right here ?
by Jalleminator October 02, 2009
Someone who treats other people like shit because they feel like it.

A man born of a bitch.

The son of a dog?
Brendon Killean is a Son-Of-A-Bitch
by JesterMayge March 19, 2009
(1) A mean, nasty, disreputable person; literally son of a female dog, or by analogy a whore; thus, presumably a bastard; also (2) an intensifier
(1) That son-of-a-bitch of a gym teacher made me do 25 pushups and called me a sissy; (2) We got out of the car it started raining like a son-of-a-bitch
by cornholio October 11, 2003
when you are extremely mad at someone, so you call them a son of a bitch
Mrs. Sargent: I'm going to give you a final exam tomorrow
Brady: Oh Crap
Connor: You Son Of a Bitch
by Beverley55 April 15, 2008
A website on the internet that had unregulated free speech.

People chose names like WTF, Waffle, Insider, Soccer Mom,and most importantly, Liberalbeater . . .

Many of the posters acted like pretentious fuckin' clowns. Thus unregulated free speech resulted in a lot of trite predictability.

Liberalbeater set them in line though.

Especially the maker of the site, WTF, a fuckin' self-proclaimed genius. He argued he was some mathematical wizard, yet more likely he was suffering from ADHD from too much weed use.
"Read sonofabitch lately? Fuckin' never seen a blog where someone said they wanted to strangle someone with the American flag and make a snuff film out of it."

"Got to spam to death the sonofabitch site, and bring it down, that fuckin' site has a a guy named liberalbeater who broadcasts his hate 24/7."

"Skittles typed something on the sonofabitch site, she is a fuckin' reject from taxi cab confessions, and finally found a way to express her sick fuckin' aspirations to be a piece of candy, for strange, sick men."
by iphoneupmyass February 07, 2013
Pronunciation Key-sa-na-fa-bitch
One word used as a replacement for the four word term to mean the child of a female dog.
You Sonofabitch! thats all you are!
by Czar-2 August 30, 2008
1. A mother who lost her virginity to a man other than the son's father.
2. A son who's mother did not lose her virginity to his father.
"Your mom wasn't your dad's virgin, you Son of a Bitch!"
by maximusbudimus45 January 14, 2008
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