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adverb. temporal. defines the vagueness of time.
somewhen i feel like screaming
by Arismonki July 26, 2007
Originating from the Isle of Wight,(U.K) Somewhen is a combination of somewhere and sometime .It can mean either or sometimes both - Used casually it often means never as in
We'll meet again
don't know where
don't know when
but I know we'll meet again etc.
We must meet up together somewhen !
by jon hinch June 14, 2006
To maybe meet at an undefined and undisclosed point in time. Very random and vague response to an unwanted date.
1. I will see you somewhen.

Claire: When are you going to grow up? (rhetorical question that doesnt require an elicit answer)

Eddie: "Somewhen" (should be used as a "rhetorical question breaker")
by AlexAlex53ll April 09, 2007
it's actually sometime, not somewhere i'm the retard.
lets go there somewhen
by Zog the definer May 04, 2005
A response to almost any question asking "when?" ;related to somewhere
sam: where is sally?

carl: somewhere across town.

sam: when did she leave?

carl: i don't know, somewhen.
by Sh07tc4k3 April 05, 2010
'some as yet undetermined time in the future'.

As used by 3 generations of numpties from Bristol
Larry:When will i see you again old chap?

Leroy:Somewhen dude
by Bruvvas done it nah November 01, 2011
Originating from the Isle of Wight,(U.K) Somewhen is a retarded way of saying somwhere.
Amy: Would you like to go for a drink somewhen?
Zoe: What the fuck does that mean?
by Zog the definer April 28, 2005