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"Something" only sexier. Almost invariably found in the phrase "...a little somethin' somethin'..." because a LOT of somethin' somethin' would be too much of a good thing.
Whoa. I'd like to give her a little somethin' somethin'.
by UrbanJoe April 21, 2003
Alluding to something pleasurable, be it sexual, drug-related, or something else entirely.
a. Lets go to the bedroom so we can kick a little somethin' somethin'.
b. I called my guy to see if he could hook me up with a little somethin' somethin'.
by Kristen October 24, 2003
African American slang or vernacular often used by the aggressively stupid, most often of the male persuasion to describe an instance of obtaining meaningless, frequently undeserved and oft inappropriate casual sex.
“Aw, Baby…every man’s gotta get him a lil somethin-somethin!"
by Hallelujah Harris May 27, 2008
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