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using stealth to pursue or interrogat somebody.Also it can mean to be stealth like in order to find something you probably should not be seeing.being stealthy.
"dude,i was solid snaking in my parents bedroom and found a crap-load of christmas presents!
by michael critelli December 21, 2008
22 6
Done when one is too lazy to put on any sort of clothing; it is the act of trekking through an environment in a stealthy manner in an effort to not be discovered in your nude state. A Pro Solid Snakers will regularly engage in this activity while traveling inside, and to and from his/her dorm.
A- "Hey dude, I really wanted a some juice last night, but there were people in the living room and I had no clothes"
B- "So what did you do?"
A- "Oh, I totally went solid snaking without anyone noticing, I'm a true Pro."
by JDX13 September 29, 2010
6 2