When one needs to convert any combonation of pennies, nickels or dimes to equal 25 cents in one piece of coinage, they would ask for a solid quarter.
Hey Safi, can I get a solid quarter for the phone?
by B-Dizzle February 18, 2005
Top Definition
n. In ebonics the coin with George Washington's picture on the obverse side. It can be 'broken' into several combinations of lesser valued coins.
Shi'thead to the grocery store cashier, "Give me a solid quarter for these two dimes and a nickel."
by Richard Black September 25, 2007
In Ebonics, saying "solid quarter" is reffering to a quarter that is in need/wanted.
Say man, lemme borrow a solid quarter 'fo da snack bar done close.
by Blackling April 06, 2009
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