uh, i am the real abmaster, the guy above is totally right. GUNIT!
P Unit=Persian unit
by The Real Rab December 19, 2003
Top Definition
A fictitious persian warrior, known for his fighting skills.
He's owning, what a sohrab.
by persian warrior April 05, 2009
Meaning Red from water, commonly associated with a fictitious Persian warrior, known for his fighting skills.

Men with this name are generally dead sexy and grow even more irresistible with age and experience.
Damsel: "I need a hero!"
Townsmen: "Quick, find a Sohrab!"
by fdjsakl;fja; March 25, 2010
A dude widely regarded as pussy by everyone. He pays a lot of money for a haircut and thinks he can get any girl he sees.
"Yo man, why you actin like a Sohrab!"
by O'Shea July 24, 2015
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