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A name given to sexy middle eastern boys who tend to have large penises and are nice to most people.
That guy's really nice and he's good looking too, his name must be Aryo.
by JMA24 May 04, 2011
69 36
A name given to middle-eastern children who have micro penises and have no lives, they like to suck other mens dicks all day.
He was named Aryo because his parents knew he'd love to suck dick.
by Bay510 August 29, 2011
14 54
An aryo is a type of person who watches inappropriate videos while taking a crap. Therefore aryos get aroused while going to the bathroom.
That guy must be an aryo, because he took his laptop with him in the bathroom and I heard moaning noises.
by SneakyPedo December 22, 2009
28 70