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when you make a girl cry because things didnt work out.. then u buy her flowers
softcakes of the year goes to adrian kalyn
#soft #softbox #cold #dry #word
by aaron23jordan October 19, 2006
frail, weak, get punked pushed around. jus a soft nigga a pussy. afraid
shut your bitch ass up before i punch you in the mouth softcake.
#soft #pussy #frail #afraid #bitch
by Garland Henderson September 05, 2009
someone who can not fight or defend himself/herself.
Yo, he was actin like he was all hard, and wen I stepped to him, he ran. what a softcake!
#punk #loser #bitch #softy #light work
by StRe3Tz January 08, 2009
soft cakes is kid whos : whipped, soft but acts tough, thinks their big, talks a whole lotta ish, smokes weed. They speak with a wierd accent sometimes and are usuly off the boat. R U KIDDING ME!!! but in all seriousness aleks is soft cakes of 2007
aleks cosovic is soft cakes of 2007
#soft #softcakes #whipped #super soft #2007
by dun worri about it January 22, 2007
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