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The very epitome of courtney. It's when an emo poser tries so hard, but fails miserably at being hard. Thus, like Skinemax, it's sorta like the real thing, but falls short.
Courtney the Conquistadork tries to act like such a badass, but in the end, she's just softXcore
by eddierules December 23, 2004
13 9
softXcore is unlike some emo/scenes that are into bring my the horizon and think theyrem so hard cant be bothered to keep proving themselfs as tough and just classes themselves as softXcore and where still listens to the hardcore shizz but listens too softer bands eg.fall out boy.

=] peace out. x
:the fallout boys gigs tonight you going?

: omg your so softXcore.
by theonecalledema =] January 14, 2007
6 4
See also sxc and softcore.

Soft core- Drinks (and may have casual sex), but doesn't smoke or do drugs.
Emo Boy: Baby yer so hXc!!
Drunk Scene Girl: Nonono, I'm SOFTxCORE! Hahaha
by Statuess December 20, 2007
3 3