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a somewhat masculine, gay woman with just a hint of a femme in her, i.e., she may look like a guy one day but look like a girl the next. she may be a bit more feminine than most studs or wear makeup. a soft stud will usually have a femme for a girlfriend but may also date another stud that is more masculine than her.
I'd rather have a real stud than a soft stud, soft studs are too much like femmes.
by E-R-I-C-A March 14, 2006
It's a Lesbian that dresses in men's attire, the man in the relationship - but acts feminine, wears some makeup sometimes, and acknowledges very well that she's a female and is happy about it.

She may or may not date another stud (either a hard stud or it can be another soft stud - doesnt matter)

But a soft stud prefers a Fem.

Soft studs are the opposite of a hard stud (a very dominate & very very masculine lesbian stud).
by SoftStud101 September 25, 2011
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