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Soft mafia describes women who keep
tabs on virtually everyone in their
their families, extended families, and
sometimes people they are not related
to in social groups and at different functions they attend.

These women do not mind being backstabbers,
being condescending muckrakers, and

acting dramatically pragmatic. They are political
to the highest degree, usually but not always
conservative in their views. In addition to being
gossip-mongers, the soft mafia also exert
influence to get their allies and friends good
professional and social positions. Intelligence
and counter-intelligence by electronic and
other means fit the soft mafia profile. She
will go beyond eavesdropping and tamper
with cellular phones and personal or
laptop computers, spying on family members
whether they are teenagers, older siblings,
and their friends or sleepovers.
The females in a soft mafia usually run down
their adversaries by talk. The idea of a hit

often but is not limited to TV soap opera-style
scandalizing, with the explicit purpose of
besmirching another woman or man's character
or reputation. Acts of mayhem ranging
from permitting a dog to excrete on the foe's
plants or flowers to getting the person in
minor trouble with the law are normal acts
of contempt.

Conversely, the soft mafia woman
or women can or will spread rumors
and begin conspiracies to land an
ally a good job at a company, and also
a position or positions of leadership in
civic or clannish organizations in the local
community. She will tell half-truths and
wildly exaggerate the reputation of the
person she wants "in".
by Constable Madre April 02, 2011
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