Sorry. Often meant sarcastically, but can also be sincere.
"I was just gone for 30 seconds and someone flipped my backpack."
"So sodds!"

"... and she's complaining that no one told her that he broke up with his girlfriend and I'm like, so sodds for you, if you never talk to us how are we gonna tell you what's going on ..."
by sosodds June 21, 2008
Top Definition
a cross between sad and odd
My sister is quite sodd.
by DanielS66 April 15, 2008
People who spill balls of cheetos under the couch and play zelda games all day long.

mostly they are known to like asians. this is a mysterious tale passed down from the swiss alps and grandmother willow.

Tal' Sodd has died. The face. Chicken.
by Machoelle December 11, 2007
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