A pop-culture junkie so obsessed with following society's norms that they lose all sense of their own personal identity and become just another zombie of society. Soc's are typically between the ages of 16 and 39 and exhibit any or all of the following characteristics: wears makeup (women), owns a cell phone, owns a laptop computer, weighs less than 150 lbs, drives an SUV, visits Starbucks frequently, and watches 'Friends'.
Hey dude, I'm bored... let's go uptown and go beat up some soc's.
by VonZippa June 02, 2004
— n acronym for
sudden onset confidence syndrome; a phenomena that occurs when people who were previously overweight or obese become fit and attractive. There is sudden boost in confidence stemming from people of their preferred sexual inclination noticing their newly acquired looks. Boosts can also come from other external sources e.g. family, friends, mirrors etc.
You: Hey Man, did you notice how Jerry lost all that weight but now he acts like a real chode around everyone?

Your Pal: Yeah, man! He's got a bad case of SOCS.

You: Socks?

Your Pal: Yeah. Sudden Onset Confidence Syndrome.

You: Oh! SOCS! Yeah, I also browse the internet.
by Russacky November 15, 2012
Stands for Strait Outta China.

It refers to any product (namely an electronic device) that was put on the shelves upon arrival from China without any brand name to be found anywhere on it.
Man Jeff's new laptop sucks, its SOC
by NakedGuatemalan April 14, 2010
chat acronym for SpitOutCoffee when someone says something funny, usually in the morning when you are drinking coffee. Very similar to SOW, SpitOutWine, which is used later in the day
OMG! SOC!! u r 2 funny
by Jo*Melon January 27, 2010
Acronym for "scribbles on crack."

Pronounced like "sock."

Also can be said like "S-O-C".

See: scribbles on crack
"Couch totally represents SOC."
"Couch totally represents the S.O.C."
by birkle August 09, 2006
Acronym for 'Shooting Occupied Clothing'

A term coined from police work, when a gang member, frequent criminal or another deserving person is shot.

Officer 1: There was another shooting, two gang members capped each other last night.

Officer 2: No loss! Is a SOC crime.
by Kevinjanko July 10, 2008
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