(Sock-ings): An item of clothing, worn on the foot, that is of sock length, but made of stocking material.
Look, Sarah has those new sockings, they are great for summer.
by WarrenTee January 02, 2008
Top Definition
The act of vigorously and/or animatedly masturbating with a sock snugly wrapped around one's penis.
A: Dude, where did all of my socks go?
B: Sorry bro, I had to take a few because I was socking so hard last night.
by chag-alert November 25, 2013
1: Punching or hitting.
2: Hitting a person with a heavy, but pliable object inside a sock, using it like a truncheon.
3: Using a sock as a jerk wad
1: "Whaaa! Ma, George socked me!"
2: "Filling one of his socks with coins, Byron waited for the guard to return in order to sock him before he could sound the alarm."
3: "Julian preferred to use his cotton ones for socking."
by drKarling July 02, 2004
Pulling down some person's sock by at least 2 inches from the intended height of the sock. Then yelling you got "Socked!" after it has been done, better if it is caught on camera, or with witnesses standing by. (Don't do it by yourself or it's just lame, and means you're alone.)

Doing this during a football game to an opposing player's socks is even better.
Jeremy was standing next to Nathan when he realized Nathan was wearing high socks. Jeremy with intense speed managed to pull down and "Sock" both of his legs. This left Nathan with a very odd feeling of being violated and confused. Jeremy then proceeded to yell, "YOU GOT SOCKED" The socking was successful.
by CorneliusBB October 01, 2011
The act of busting in a sock
"dude, I was socking all night at pats house last night"
by Socking4life November 30, 2011
Or to be socked. The act of surprising unsuspecting prey by suddenly appearing wearing a sock to covers one's genitalia. The act of socking is restricted to males only. It is especially effective when used to wake a sleeping victim.
Person 1: I totally socked that girl this morning.
Person 2: She'll have socking flashbacks for a year.
by emo defines February 04, 2010
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