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A word for a "social entrepreneur", one who creates a business to remedy some of society's problems while still making a profit. A socially conscious individual who generates social value from his/her efforts.
The well respected socialpreneur once again enhanced the lives of hundreds of families by turning an abandoned parking lot into a community garden which provides fresh produce to the resource deprived community.
by Mr. Sustainable May 07, 2013
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Someone skilled in using social media to build their small business or cause
Mary found the traditional means of growing her business too slow so she exercised her socialpreneur skills using Facebook and Twitter
by Ghetto Shakespeare January 19, 2010
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A person who actively takes risks socially, usually incorporating techniques from the PUA community such as peacocking.
Tonight I went out with a socialpreneurial mindset and wowed my friends with my lack of shame as I wore those rosy red shades that attracted attention from the ladies.
by WhiteKnight82 June 12, 2009
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WAHMs (dads too), Moms in Business, Etsy Shop Owners, Small Business Owners, Mompreneurs, Home Based Business Owners, Direct Sales Consultants and Bloggers who utilizes social media to promote their business, brand, or blog.
The socialpreneurs gathered at the social media convention to discuss their marketing strategy and brand for their blog.
by SocietyofSocialpreneurs June 17, 2010
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