A system that is causing mass unemployment in European "utopias," where the perfect free healthcare system is inefficient and lacking in innovation.
Look at France's GDP over the past 25 years and see what socialism can do.

Go Capitalism!!!
by Anonymous October 16, 2003
It's essentialy watered down Communism (but only a tiny bit), however Communist/Socialist advocates would have you believe otherwise.

The basic idea behind Socialism is zero respect for people. Socialists don't care for people and that's why the political system that they advocate doesn't either.

That means no liberty for you!
Q: Why are those people are always treating people like shit?
A: Because they are Socialists!

Take the 'social' out of Socialism, it's really ANTI-SOCIAL
by Bobby Baker December 10, 2007
System where all economic groups all live equally in poverty.Except for the super rich.
FUCK socialism it's retarded and evil and so are you if you don't understand what it really is,evil.
by Common Sense Man October 10, 2005
Direct ownership of all good by the elite few.
I remember when there was prosperity with Capitalism but now I get taxed at %90 and have to ask the Goverment if it's ok to wipe my ass.
by Anonymous October 24, 2002
An economic system in which the government controls everything and provides everyone with everything they need. In theory it works, but in practice... it fails. And here are 6 reasons why:

1. If The Government controls the economy then they control your life

2. When the government run's something, it becomes inefficient & corrupt

3. If one guy works hard, and the other is lazy they get payed the same

4. Why would a doctor got to medical school to get payed the same as a janitor at "Government Burger"

5. Socialism has failed before (USSR) and it won't work now

6. Since there is no incentive to succeed, this means it will take years for technology to advance
Socialism has failed numerous times in the past... why would anyone want it again?
by TheRationalCapitialist January 29, 2011
When your too lazy to take care of yourself and want the government to tax the people that have worked hard so you don't have too.
Those big greedy rich people have too much money and i think i should get some because TV and having too many kids costs so much. I love socialism. I'm voting for Barack Hussein Obama.
by dood29 August 18, 2008
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