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Bitch, Pay Attention

A term used to refocus an otherwise distracted friend/family member. Can be used during a card game, a conversation, a baseball game to name a few. Typically used as a reminder, and always funny.
"I just got a new job. I'm so excited!"
"BPA!! WTF!!"
"My bad."

"I have to be at work by 3, hurry up!"
"What time do you have to be at work?"
"I hate you..."
#hey you #dude #wtf #relax #ok
by kidnowanddays August 08, 2012
Best player available.

The best player available on the board in a pro sports draft, regardless of the position they play.
With Blake Griffin, the Clippers finally drafted the BPA, not the crappy best center.
#sports #draft #nfl draft #nba draft #nfl
by Piecesof8 January 18, 2011
Bad Parent Award
Ah! Man that lady's kid is out of control, she deserves the BPA
#bpa #bad #parent #award #kid
by Ashlo January 23, 2010
B.P.A is an abbreviation for the Black People Alliance which is a group made by Marvin a crazy black man in this group you pretty much act like an idiot and have fun. The creator has made it an open race group, so not only black people can join but all races. But you must know the "cool sign" to be in this group.
If you wish to join B.P.A call ***-***-**** and ask for Marvin
#black #people #alliance #black panthers #idiots
by Jessica Marquez May 07, 2006
Best Player Available - Acronym used in drafting of players in sports. BPA describes the approach of selecting what a team sees as the best talent available in the pool of players instead of taking a player that fill the team's need who doesn't necessarily has the best talent.

An NBA basketball team holds the #1 draft pick. The team needs a player to fill its "Centre" position.

However, the consensus best player available plays the point guard position. The best centre in the draft rank 10th in the pool. By taking the most skilled player, in this case, a point guard, this team take the B.P.A.
#bpa #oppose:team need #professional sports #player draft #nba
by Woof Woof April 28, 2006
"Bitch Point Average"

The BPA scale serves 2 purposes. The first is to be a more straight forward scale than the ambiguous 10 point scale (what is the difference between a 6 or 7?) but also to give a little bit more detail than just a binary system. The second reason the scale was created was to allow for a scoring system, similar to ones GPA, that rewards quality over quantity.

Keep in mind that the scale is based on first looks only. No extra points for the girl being “cool” or anything dumb like that.

0=There is no way I would go home with her, even if I was blacked out drunk.
1=If she is still around at 4am, I am going to hit that
2=I am really not that proud of this, but I will likely lie to my friends and talk about how good looking she is.
3= I am definitively rocking that. This is the type of girl you bring around to make your ex jealous.
BPA examples:

Claudia Schiffer = 4
Natalie Portman =3
Kristin Dunst = 2
That girl you banged in college but don't remember=1
Lady Gaga=0
#sex #fine #wifey #shawty #boo
by WalkLikeRonald July 14, 2011
any large pink stuffed ape used in a sexual manner
He has a bpa he boinks while watching porn.
#bpa #big #pink #ape #large
by tonytonedeaf October 19, 2008
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