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Social loafing takes place in a public venue, such as a park, library, or movie theater. Social loafing is when two males with erect penises stick their shafts into opposite ends of a loaf of bread, often with holes pre-cut into the loaf. The holes can be filled with butter, margarine, or spermicidal lubricant.
There are rules to this procedure however:
1. If you are gay and proceed to attempt this, you must follow this up by tossing some salad or serving up a good ol' rusty trombone.
2. If you are straight and proceed to attempt this, you must immediately have sex with the nearest girl, hot or not, to nullify the gayness.
3. If you are straight and proceed to attempt this, and if you bump heads within the bread, you must stop IMMEDIATELY and proceed to watch HOURS of lesbian pornography.
Austin and Ben felt like experimenting in front of their girlfriends, so they proceeded to engage in social loafing at their local library. Afterwards, they had glorious sex with their girlfriends on top of novels written by Stephen King....
by TossMySaladpl0x? April 05, 2011
When two guys get very intoxicated together and suddenly have a urge to have sex, but females are not present. This results in them getting a loaf of bread and butter in which both partners stick their respective penises into both ends in order to get the pleasure of having sex without really having sex.
Dude, do you remember that social loafing last night?
by Iamg0d April 23, 2011
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