Person who is having or showing a lack of desire, social education, manners or up-brining to respect time/polite gestures/friendship/companionship/welfare of another members of the human society.
Alex is a social retard who changed his mind and cancelled a date 5 minutes before the dinner.
by OB84Social May 24, 2010
Someone who either can't learn social skills, learned them too late, doesn't care about them, or doesn't want to learn them. The fact you had to look this easy, almost non-slang definition up on a freaking website means you're probably a social retard. Don't worry, it's actually becoming pretty common.
Monica: Yeah, I'd say hi and talk to her, but she freaking looks at me for five solid seconds before thinking what to say.
Daisy: Well, you know she's a social retard, just give her a chance.
by internetless December 25, 2015
a loser, geek, nerd, or a dork that was mistakenly invited to an "all cool people party"...
"why did you invite her? she's a social retard!!!"
by szcarlette August 26, 2006
The Social Retards are a clan set up in the time before time, a clan which not only live to kill, but kill for fun.

You can read more about them at
Spoony is such a social retard.
Aye, whereas Mr Camel is just a retard.
by Gazza August 16, 2004
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